Tenant Selection

All applicants must have viewed the property or have had some one view the property on their behalf before submitting an application.

All applicants are required to provide details of current employment, previous rental details, personal references and financial details. They are also screened through 2 state wide data bases.

Only if they pass all of the above will they be presented to you.

Lease Preparation

Once an applicant has been selected, we then draw up a lease Agreement which is a Legally binding contract between yourself and the tenant which is signed on your behalf by your Property Manager, an appointment is arranged between the tenants and the Property manager and the Lease is explained to the tenants in detail covering all aspects of the lease including Hanson’s ZERO tolerance to rent arrears. Tenants then pay their Bond (4x weekly rent) and 2 weeks rent and are given keys to the property on the date of the Lease commencement.

Property Condition Report

A full report noting the condition of the property room by room, inside and outside is undertaken prior to the commencement of tenancy along with photographs to support the initial condition of the property. This report is collated using the latest PIM reports using IPad technology and kept on file until the end of the tenancy. Tenants are given a copy of the Property Condition report at the beginning of their Lease and it is this report which is compared to at the end of their agreement.

Inspections & Maintenance

Routine inspections of your property are carried out each 3 months to ensure the tenant is maintaining your property to a level you would expect. Written reports are sent to you by email using PIM technology, together with any maintenance issues which may have arisen.

Urgent routine maintenance requirements are attended to once Hanson has been notified of the issue and contacted the Owner for instructions, should the issue require immediate attention the issue will be dealt with and the owner notified as soon as practicable.

Payment for repairs and maintenance can be debited from your rental income, or if you prefer you can forward payment to us for payment on your behalf. You would then be assured of a full and complete record for taxation purposes.

Rent Reviews

Rental reviews are conducted for each property at the end of the lease term. Rents are reviewed in accordance with market assessment taking into account rentals of a similar size, age and condition and in a similar location. Rental rates fluctuate dependant on supply and demand and seasons. Hanson Property’s Property Management department is well equipped to advise on the best possible rent for your property with the shortest possible vacancy rate.

Lease extensions and Termination

Renewal of lease agreements are effected in accordance with your instructions, regular inspections at the property allow us to monitor your tenant and allows us to recommend renewal or otherwise. Should a tenant require Terminating we will attend to all the necessary paperwork including the service of notices and attendance at tribunal or court hearings.

Bond Inspections

When Properties are vacated a Bond inspection is conducted, the inspection is compared to the Property Condition Report given to the tenant at the commencement of the lease agreement. This ensures the property is returned in the condition it was originally let. In the event repairs are required we will engage the services of suitable qualified contractors and claim reimbursement from the tenants Bond.